See who is working tonight or tell us who you would like to see!



    • Samantha, Diamond, Mary Jane, Unique, Molly, Jade, Aaliyah, Amber, Janna, Nina, Raya, Jenny, Brooklyn, Chrissy, Kylie, Robyn, Sole, Lotus, Christine,….

  1. I visited from Michigan a week ago and was there for the day shift I really enjoyed Charlie she’s so little and hot when does she work again ??

  2. Just had an epic night at Baltimore HC. Classy establishment with top notch talent and a the staff was very hospitable. Will definitely be back sooner rather than later. And the cigar room is pretty chill. When does Billie work again?

  3. whatever happened to Iceis? i was there back in May visiting the club when my ship was docked before my crew and i left. we stopped in on a wednesday night and out of all the girls that were working she caught my eye. she was very cute and sexy when she danced and was acting very sweet when she danced but when she got off stage she was very fun, goofy and just hung out with me and my crew. she wasn’t trying to take us upstairs she sat and had a few drinks with us. i tried to get her number but she said she didnt hand out numbers to customers. She also danced to some good shit like linkin park, breaking benjamin and a lot of other good shit. she was real and her eyes were so beautiful. I think I fell for her, because I’m still looking for her. I know that Iceis isnt her real name i wish I knew her real name. I was upset when I saw she didn’t work there anymore. i hope she comes back. i would spend lots of money and my savings just to see her dance again and talk to her.

  4. Could you guys contact Kendra Lust to perform at your club? She is currently performing on the East Coast and said she would perform in Baltimore. Thanks.

  5. I am more of a fan of the day shift. This club in particular does a great job in having hotties on during the day shift. Really like this club. After the Hustler Club in New Orleans I thought I’d never get to go to another one but very happy to have the Baltimore club so close. Thank you for being so Quality!! Will Stacy be dancing today by chance? She is milky smooth and sexy as hell.

  6. Willow was by FAR the coolest, sexiest, most genuine girl I have ever experienced at any club. She is not a regular there she told me as she moves around a lot. Any chance she will return to Baltimore? Worth every cent of the two hour we hung out. Thank you !!!

  7. You have a girl on your front home page in a green top bikini with tattoos all over her back. She still dance here? We want to come in if she’s going to be working.

  8. Visited for the first time visiting Baltimore tonight. Raven was by far the best experience I’ve had at any club. Awesome dance and winning personality. Hope to come back soon when she is there.

  9. I came when Mary Carey performed at the club. I loved everything at the club πŸ™‚ I know it’s hard to schedule feature dancers, but I was wondering if it was possible to get one or some of these girls to dance at the club:

    Erika Jordan
    Reena Sky
    Stormy Daniels
    Cindy Starfall
    Adrianna Luna
    Teal Conrad
    Heather Vahn
    Allie Haze
    Tanya Tate
    Misty Stone
    Nyomi Banxxx
    Tabitha Stevens
    Lisa Ann

    I’ve talked to all these girls and they want to come and they sell merchandise and do lap dances. They just need to be contacted.

  10. When are the twins on next they were beautiful and sexy as hell Friday night when I was there trying to find out when they are normally there

  11. All the girls there are pretty sexy BUT my favorites would be Dakota, Gemma, Raven and that new girl Iceis. Those girls…..DAMN!!!!!!! Iceis and Gemma dancing together is so hott and sexy. And Dakota….OMG SOOOOO HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. THE NEW CHICKS ICEIS AND GEMMA!!!!!!!! OMFG THOSE TWO WHERE FUCKING SEXY AS HELL DANCING ON STAGE TOGETHER DOUBLE TROUBLE!!!!!!!!!! Omg Iceis is fucking sexy as hell and her long hair is a turn on!!!! I will spend $$$$$ on those two any fucking day! those two are DOUBLE TROUBLE πŸ˜‰

  13. $2 Drinks and hot Honeys Gigi, Aaliyah, Abby, Alex, Arizona, aubree, Christine, cierra Nicole, Dakota, ecstasy, Evey, Genevieve, Melanie, raya ,….

  14. $2 Drinks and smoking hot Honeys Aaliyah, Abby, Bella, Billie, Christine, Cierra Nicole, Evey, Gianna, Ivy, Jacqueline, Jenna, Kelly, Madison, Naomi, Raya, Sylvie, Chase, Vixen and more!

  15. Guess the #Booty and get in FREE tonight! Party with our Honeys Amanda, aubree, Christine, crystal, faith, Gianna, jewel, Miranda, Naomi, Dakota, Olivia, and more!

  16. Haven’t been in a while, need to come back, Is Genevieve still there? No offense to the other honeys (you are ALL amazing!) but Genevieve was my reason for spending so much time there previously.

    Also, how about Sweet Jane? Is she still around?

    I need to come back. It’s been too long.

  17. What determines the Weds special of big tits drink free? Mine are C’s (fake) and want to come soon just want to know if I’ll get free drinks or not beforehand. Do I have to show them to someone or wear a revealing top?

  18. Come get $2 Drinks all night and party with Abby, Amanda, Arizona, Arianna, Billie, Evey, Kat, June, Gianna, Lily, Sparkles, Tuesday, Vixen, Willow and many more!

  19. Come join our Honeys for Superhero Friday! Aileen, Alexis, Anna, Arizona, Athena, Aubree, Brandy, Carmen, Crystal, Gianna, Haley, Honey, Jenna, Jenny, Kenzie, Khloe, Kyle, Lily, Madison, Raven, Raya, Shea, Sparkles, Summer, Sunny, Sylvie, Tuesday, Violet, Vixen and more!

  20. $2 Drinks and smoking hot Honeys Dream, Abby, Amanda, Arizona, Bella, Kelly, Kat, Evey, Destiny, Carmen, Khloe, Kila, Lily, Nikki, Sparkles, Willow, Tuesday and many more!

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